We wanted to do something that has never been done before.

We wanted to bring innovative care to those in need. We collaborated with Takl to bring on-demand home services to people who need help. Need can take many different forms. For one individual, it looks like having someone clean her bathroom because with arthritis at age 80, scrubbing is almost impossible. For another, it looks like a veteran needing his grass cut because he lost a limb while serving in the Armed Forces. For another, it looks like having her laundry folded and entire apartment cleaned because she's a single mom, working 2 jobs to provide for her 3 small children. Others simply need the batteries changed in their smoke detectors because given their age, they can't climb up a ladder to reach their ceilings anymore. 

Need is need.

Second Helping takes care of small jobs that makes a big difference.

With Takl, we can take action and meet those needs.